Last night's dream

United States
August 31, 2008 1:55am CST
Okay here I go... I was in some shallow river it was about ankle deep, there were tall redwoods all around the river's shore. The river was around 50 meters across and in the middle of the river the water was not able to completely engulf this bed of rocks which made up the entire river bed. On this dry bed of rocks was an old rusty pick up truck on its side. For whatever reason I had a spear and was hunting snakes that were slithering inside and around the wreck. I stabbed several snaked before I saw a gigantic python. So of course I wanted to catch it, I pinned its head down with the end of my spear crocodile hunter style and quickly grabbed its tail as i was examining my catch a shirtless overweight man emerged from the redwoods and yelled my name. As soon as I made eye contact with the half naked stranger he yelled "You're dad is gay", and withdrew back into the foliage. Dumbfounded I stood there and reflected for a brief second on how my life would be different now that i know my dad is gay. As i stood there, coming to terms with my dad's secret lifestyle, i forgot all about the snake i caught and it reminded me that it was still there by biting me in the eye. I ripped the snake off me and threw it, along with my eye in its mouth over the rusty truck. And i stood there in the river bed with a missing eye. WTF
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• Philippines
31 Aug 08
wow what a dream you have! speaking of dreams. just last night i also dreamed about a man whom i have saved from drowning. Me and my friends were standing in a shed above a small hill. It was raining so hard, so we have decided to wait it out. Just then we saw a man holding a mascot costume of our favorite restaurant running. He was trying to avoid the rain so hard but alas he can't. Just then he slipped into an open man hole. I got so scared and started running towards the hole. My friends all followed me behind. I was so scared and agitated. i keep on thinking that if we wouldnt find the man on time, he would surely die. I shouted to my friend that he call an ambulance. Then i took the flashlight that one of my friends are holding and keep it pointed towards the hole. It was dark in there. We can't see a thing. My friends now have given up, they keep on telling me that he must surely drown. But i just wont give up, so i tried to grab anything that i can hold inside the hole filled with water. Just then i have touched a mans shoulder. I shouted then with glee and my friends and I helped to remove him out of the hole. The next thing i did was to give him CPR. and luckily he lived. This is somewhat weird for me. right now i feel like i am going to save`
• United States
31 Aug 08
Dreams are insane, are they not? I had a dream that my whole world was being ingulfed by darkness, and the darkness was bad, it ate everyone up. I could not believe that the darkness could be so bad, but I realized what the darkness was, it was loneliness, fear, depression, and all of the feelings that I kept inside of me. Once I knew what it all was, I was able to come face-to-face with it.