Moviehouse, popcorn, soda, et al

August 31, 2008 3:33am CST
I could not believe the movie buff that i am have not gone to a movie house for two straight years! I used to watch at least one new movie a week, with a girl friend, boy friend, sister - complete with popcorn, soda, hotdogs with mustard and mayo, potato chips, and a hankie if its a drama movie we are watching. Ever since i got married and had babies (had two difficult pregnancies in two years, that's why) i don't even remember being able to watch movies and finish it even on dvd at home, not even HBO. How i miss those days - even seeing a standing ovation inside a movie house on movies like Evita, Spiderman, Runaway Bride, etc. I don't know why people do that, but it does add up to the fun. I can now imagine the smell of popcorn, and the kind of "surround" sound of Dolby, cool, cozy darkness,... ;)
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@snowy22315 (79755)
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31 Aug 08
I dont go to movies as much as I used to. The cost of everything at the movies really adds up. You pay anywhere from 6 to 8 dollars for a ticket and then you pay for things on top of that it really can get expensive. It is much easier and cheaper to watch movies on DVD. It is the way to get the most bang for the buck. I do like the atmosphere in the theatre though. I also like just getting out of the house.