Mother becomes Me

August 31, 2008 8:25am CST
I grew up resenting my mother for being who she is to me: controller, manipulator. When i turned 19, went to college and lived in a dorm i started missing her terribly. That's when we became really good friends. It was the distance that made me realize how important she is to me and how much she really loves me. The controlling and manipulating was actually an effort of hers to give me the best. What i thought was she just wanted to ruin my life because she's jealous that i get to enjoy life the way i want while she's stuck in a passionless marriage. I was wrong. My mother in every way is the most gracious, loving wife and mom. But i did not see her that way then, not until i have become a mother myself. Now, with my two little boys, i could her my mother in my own voice whenever i scold my boys. I could not believe that i have spoken to my boys her very own words, like "i told you so.." or "no, that's not good..." or even "because i said so." (just like in that movie "Because I said So.") Funny, how sometimes we become the person we dislike. But amazing it is that we always turn up to be really great moms ourselves because of the person who actually, truly love us, our mothers.
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@cmathias12 (1025)
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1 Sep 08
This is true for some people. Some times people grow up with mothers that are too messed up to be good parents but for the ones who have a good mother guiding them, they should appreciate the gift that was given to them. Not all people have someone who cares enough about them to help mold them into good mothers themselves. I am glad you were able to become close wih your mother in the end.
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5 Sep 08
Hey Pinky! Thanks for the best response