Do you donate money ?

August 31, 2008 10:08am CST
People around the world help others in many ways . Some run some voluntary services for the poor , sick , disabled etc. Some other do plantation in public places aiming at curbing global warming . Some others supply medicines for the sick .This list is endless . There are another class of people who are willing to actively do such humane acts but due to some constraints they are unable to . Some of them contribute money from their earning for such causes . A few years back I was actively involved in such works . At the same time I contributed some small amount of money to such causes from time to time though not in a regular manner . I am thinking of restarting such works . DO you contribute to such voluntary tasks for humane cause ?
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• Philippines
1 Sep 08
As much as I want to. I really can't afford to give my spare change because I really don't have any. I don't have any job and my family is poor. But I really want to it's just that I need it as much as they need it too. I swore that if I win in lotto I'll split it and the half for me and my family while the other half to people who are poor and who are in need. One problem is I don't have any money to bet on lottery.
• Malaysia
5 Sep 08
hi akumei, yes sparing any extra that we have is a very good deed, but not everybody can afford that.. I used to have some difficulties earlier and i did not involve in anything.. last year everything changed and i have a bank account where i put in some small amount of money just for this cause ... We (husband & Me), actually keep the money for providing food for people during some festivals at some temples.. we give out food for the people. Recently we cooked breakfast for an orphanage and bought some school books for the children. Another one we gave out a full meal for people for a festive.. And we have seen the difference in our life with this commitments in charity cheers
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• India
23 Sep 08
You are up on a really good deed . A couple of years back I also used to give some fixed amount of money to SOS Children Village near my City . I was involved directly into some charitable voluntary activities too through which we used to motivate people of poor back ground to start activities that could put them in a development trajectory .
• United States
2 Sep 08
I contribute during the holiday season but I know that it's not only that time that people need help.
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• Canada
2 Sep 08
I donate money when I can to the organizations that interest me. I can not afford to donate to everyone who needs money, and I make it a point not to donate to organizations that solicit money. If an organization speaks to me, affects me, and does not solicit money from me, them I am willing to donate what I can when I can, otherwise, I really can't afford to donate.
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