A question of politics

United States
August 31, 2008 5:41pm CST
Yes, the topic that everyone likes to argue about. Just out of curiosity, how many of you vote? Do you stick with a particular party, or are you neutral? Most people think I am crazy, but I have never voted, or even registered. The main reason for it is because there is never anyone worth voting for. Its always the same old thing every 4 years, and those who run don't have much to offer me. A lot of the smaller parties are pretty decent, but they don't even have a chance. I'm sure most people's response to that is, to go out and vote and try to change things. But really, what does my one vote do? I just wanted to see what other people's opinions are on the whole political/voting thing.
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• Philippines
31 Aug 08
Me I'm always neutral in everything especially in politics. It is based on performance and honesty of a politician that I would vote to. Many parties have decent goals also, but I live in Philippines - here if you have more money you will win. Excessive use money in times of candidate is the no. 1 here. Posting of mug shots in corner of the street, on the mall, on the t-shirt even on the food. I even vote parties that are honest even small.