People Who Don't Keep Their Dogs on Leashes

United States
August 31, 2008 10:13pm CST
I swear these people should not be allowed to own a pet! I always see these people walking their dogs, and allowing them to roam free. It sickens me. It's bad enough these people are allowing their pets to poop on everyone else's lawn but their own - and not bothering to pick it up and dispose of it - but then they let their pets go without a leash! It infuriates me! Just today, a guy and his elementary school-aged daughter were walking their dog. Let me just tell you - this guy is all kinds of stupid. Get this: the guy had the dog's leash in his hands, folded up neatly, while the dog ran off wild, across the alleyway to the other side of the street (stupid #1). I'm driving down the alleyway and come to a stop sign. The little girl is the one trying to chase the dog down - not the father (stupid #2). The father has the nerve to look at me and roll his eyes and says to me (my windows are down), "Hmpf! Dogs! What can you do?" then chuckles (stupid #3). I said, "Well, you could start by keeping him on his leash so he doesn't get hit!" He had the nerve to look shocked. He probably will have the nerve to be surprised one day, when his pet gets killed due to his neglect. Does anyone else here on MyLot get mad about this?
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@pinks17 (2192)
• Philippines
1 Sep 08
Just about a week mom got bitten by an unleashed dog.I amost spank the man who owns the dog bec. he blamed my mom that probably the reason why she got bitten it's bec. she called the dog....OMG..why on earth my mom will get the attention of the dog.She was just passing by the street when she got bitten.I was about to file a complaint to the city office when he suddenly changed his mind and became nice to us.Probably he realized that it was his fault.He didn't put a leash on his dog.
• United States
1 Sep 08
You see?! Another reason these people need to keep their dogs on a leash. Funny how people go from careless to caring when they think yuo might tell on them or sue them. Trust me, he didn't just realize it was his fault. He KNEW it was his fault from the beginning. I'm sorry your mnother got bitten. I'm assuming she's better now. I sure hope so.
@jsmith12 (438)
• Canada
1 Sep 08
Oh our neighborhood is infested with idiots like this. I have been charged at by free roaming dogs in the park near our house. A park that has soccer games for kids, and several playgrounds. It is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM a dog park. I swear I am sick of off leash dogs at the park. I actually wrote to the local SPCA on the matter. Funny enough they never got back to me.