Do you prefer the city life or the suburbs life?

September 1, 2008 4:48am CST
If given the choice, would you want a home in the city or the suburbs? Would you go more for the city lifestyle or the country lifestyle?
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@Anne18 (11034)
16 Nov 11
We live in a small country town, it is very nice place to live, like a huge village. It is a much nicer place to live than where we used to live. We used to live in the city, it was very busy and we lived five mintues walk away from a large shopping centre. I didn't like the busy roads and traffic. It is so much nicer to bring the children up in the countryside where you can see green fields
@sweet_pea (3323)
• Philippines
31 May 11
I have always been a country girl by heart. However I prefer to live in the suburbs where I can get the best of both the rural and urban life. In suburbs you get to experience clean living with fresh air and the laid back lifestyle of a rural life. You get to personally know your neighbors. It is very conducive for a child to grow in a suburb where he can play with the other children in the neighborhood and not worry about pollution. Prices of houses are even cheaper than those offered in the city. What is good living in a suburb is that it is just near the comforts of the city. You can always experience the city life and it is always near to the best schools in the country. Plus there are more employment choices here. Basically you get the best of both worlds living in a suburb.
@arkaf61 (10881)
• Canada
8 Sep 08
Having lived all my life in big cities, I have to say that I now would prefer the quiet of the suburbs. Or even a bit farther :) I would like to be in a place where I could find quiet but still close enough to be able to easily go to the city if I craved noise and confusion LOL
@roniroxas (10568)
• Philippines
1 Sep 08
i live in the city all mylife. i was born and raised in the city. my mom moved to the country maybe 5 or 6 years ago and now she has adjusted as well. my mom was born and raised in the city too and when she planned to live in the country at first it was not that easy for it was a big adjusment for her. you were asking about living in the city and living in the suburbs. my response was different for i know that suburbs are in the city as well.
@bombshell (11265)
• Germany
1 Sep 08
i prefer the country lifestyle.its quite,clean and a lot safer than in the city.
• United States
1 Sep 08
This has been something that I have thought about alot. And lately it's really been on my mind as I plan on buying a home within a few yrs. I think both city and suburbs possess good and bad qualities. Things I like about the city life are all the lights, store convienence, buses in case my husband has the car, The city life can be exciting! Now, on the flipside, the suburban life has fresher air, peace and quiet, fields and open areas, deer, and the I believe safer and better for the kids. Comparing them, I think the suburbs are a better place for me to raise my family. But, if I had no children, I would definitely pick the city!
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
1 Sep 08
I've lived the in the city all my life and in many ways have started to dislike it now. Be it the pollution, the robotic sense of living and the stress. It's so often that i get the urge to live the country lifestyle and would love to do so.
@bestie (3203)
• Philippines
1 Sep 08
I will prefer city life.I'm used to it so better be on such lifestyle.
@phyrethyme (1267)
• Philippines
1 Sep 08
I think it's.. more of the city life. I can't think of myself being far away from the city for a long long long time. How I wish cities have beaches that are clean. :( I guess, since I grew up in the city, I can't get used to the country lifestyle. But it would be lovely to try and learn. :) All that peace and cleanliness is good.
@Ravenladyj (22920)
• United States
1 Sep 08
I live in the country now and as much as I love it, I'm definately a city girl at heart...I love the solitude of being out here and the peace and quiet but I miss the livelyhood of the city..Always somethig to see and do ya know..