What do you Find hardest

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September 1, 2008 7:26am CST
About being a single parent. I find it hard to be mom and dad.
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@lemich (4)
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3 Sep 08
Well i'll admit it I can't really say that i am a single mother but, I might as well be I live with my daughters father and I feel like i'm all alone when it comes to my kids every little thing is a complaint with him. He either moans and gives 100 excues why he can't do anything for them. What I find the hardest is affording my kids how does anyone afford the extras living on a week by week paycheck. How does anyone trust someone to be with their baby so the can have a break. And how does anyone continue to have a life with children especially being 25 yrs old these are the best times in life vacations outings and so on it is extra difficult to do these thing if u take care of ur children on ur own what do u do in situations like that don't get me wrong I love my kids but some times it is just so difficult to live everyday with all the weight on ur sholders of so much to do. change diapers feed dinner do stuff with them so they don't suffer cause' i can't live my life. When it all comes down to it I love my kids but by the end of the night i'm drained and I can't even function right!!!
@relundad (2311)
• United States
1 Sep 08
LOL It should be hard as you have attempted to tackle the impossible. You can't be both, you were created to only be one depending on your gender. You should spend your energy on things that you can do and accomplish as a parent, rather than dwelling on the impossible. I am a single parent, female. I can only be a mother. My son't father is not here, nothing I do will replace that. The only thing that I can do in that regards is to make sure there are positive male role models in his life for those times that he will need an opinion or information that could only come from a man. It has always just been my son and I, so I don't know any different, neither does he. For us our lives are normal to us. The only difference that I can see in my life unlike a 2 parent family is that I have don't have a partner to share the responsiblities with. But my family and friends support system is very strong. So for those things that I have conflict with scheduling I can call on them to assist. When he was younger I had a live in nanny so I had help there. We both love our lives right now. My son is 9 now and he has very good relationships with his grandfather, his uncles, his teacher, his mentor and his coaches. If there is a time that he needs male advice I am sure that he will have many choices to turn to.