do you think about a healthy diet for your family and then make them eat?

September 1, 2008 9:24am CST
before i was not at all thinking about the diet and just use to eat whatever i like but now as i am a wife and amother and need to think of the family and their health which i was never realising it before when i was single. what about you all do you worry about your and your family´s health and maintain diet and prepare healthy food or just prepare whatever you like irrespective of healthy food?
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@titagdl (136)
• Mexico
1 Sep 08
I try to give my family as much of a healthy diet as I can. We try to cut back on the fat and eat healthy food. I´m the one that cooks so i don´t use stuff thats bad for us,like a lot of greasy food. But I do have a 4 year old son and well trying to get a toddler to eat vegetables is almost impossible, so i substitute as much as I can. For exemple I give him a lot of fruit instead. No junk food or sodas, and a lot of grains and cereals.
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• India
1 Sep 08
its the problem with most of the kids. i can better understand this as i remember when i was small i werent having any vegetables and it continued till my college times and today i really understand the pain of my parents when my mom was running behind me to make me eat vegetables. i just started eating vegetables during my pregnancy and it was difficult for me to eat it as i dont like vegetables. but now i can really understand your problem and i hope your child will eat vegetables early.