How do I convince my parents to let me come home?

September 1, 2008 11:02am CST
I am starting freshman year in a pretty good college on a great scholarship and a great program for my major, but the place is just not me. What I am experiencing here is more than just homesickness, although my parents feel I am just having anxiety with being alone and it will pass. I have already lost 8lbs, I am withdrawing from my studies, I feel like I'm trapped, my chest is constantly hurting from the need to cry, and etc. There is a community college at home that I can basically have a free ride to, but myparents aren't to thrilled about the status of the school and the fact that it is only a 2 year school. They are concerned about where I go from there. Also, they have not let me get a license yet because of money issues, and they do not like the idea of public transportation. How can I make them see, their worries are minor compared to what is going on with my health and my deep deep deep desire to come home?
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1 Sep 08
some 4 year colleges arent right for some poeple. Its not the end of the world if you go to a two year. odds are youll end up with a normal job like everybody else. its not so bad.