What are my chances of getting a job by the army or navy?

@seabeauty (1480)
United States
September 1, 2008 12:52pm CST
I am 41. I am not expecting them to ship me off to Iraq to fight or anything because of my age however, I am wondering if I could get a desk job for them with good benefits. What do you all say? I am a single mom with 3 kids. I am not working and need a job with good pay and benifits. I type 60 words a minute and have experience answering phones.
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• United Kingdom
1 Sep 08
That's a real interesting question! I watched a movie about that once. I think the movie was called Black Hawk Down! Anyway, this rookie soldier was having his personal details typed into a computer by this other soldier, who happened to be smoking the keyboard with his typing skills! The rookie soldier then asks the officer why he chose not to fight or something along those lines and the officer's reply was, "I would love to fight with the men, but I have a certain skill which is highly valued!" "I can type!" If you can type, then I would reckon you stand a good chance! I wanted to join the forces once upon a time! I'm 33 years of age now and I applied when I was sixteen. They didn't accept me though as I had Asthma and I still have asthma to this day. I firstly tried the Navy, then the Army and finally the Airforce! They all said the same thing: "You need a clear chest for at least five years!" I was well and truly jaded! Good luck. Andrew
@seabeauty (1480)
• United States
2 Sep 08
I didn't see the movie but that sounds comical LOL! Thanks for the luck :).
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