Do you disregard a cent or two ? has it a role to play in life?

September 1, 2008 1:01pm CST
I do not disregard a cent or two coming to my credit. Why people are after accumulating and and wasting their valuable time to think that they are earning.After a lot of labor and hard working while writing,clicking,chatting,responding or reading if you get a cent or two do you think that it is going to solve your problems financially or you are doing for a fun. If for fun it is ok other wise it is life killing. My views. Now discuss your views.
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• India
1 Sep 08
every penny counts dude....... and of course if u are given 5 cents and told to take how many u want how many will u take??? he he he there are people who earn good ammounts as a main job and also want to earn some more bux from these sites.... thats really funny...... anyhow i am doing this job as i have holiday for one more month before my college starts so i have no work nor something to read so trying to earn some money and also gain some knowledge.......hehe and dude thanx for raising such a good topic..