Epic dream I had 12 yrs ago about my first crush and the apocalypse... meaning?

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September 1, 2008 7:59pm CST
I'm 23 and I still remember this 3 part epic dream I had 12 years ago when I was young and met my first crush. Nothing much happened b/w me and her and there wasn't any real "direct" indication of our feelings toward each other, just a lot of beating around the bush, heartaches, and guessing. I was very infatuated though and she ended up changing me because I never felt that way b4. I was also very envious of my best bud who I thought was stealing the spotlight as the ladies man. The first dream was me on a city bus going to school, empty, nobody driving, it was on its own. Suddenly it drove on the sidewalk and went thru ppl like thin air, they didn't notice. My crush was up ahead chasing some ppl, I screamed for her to look out. The second dream I was crossing the street with my best bud, he got hit by a red car, I took him to the hosp. They gave him a wheelchair. I took him to this park near the school, it was deserted, not just the park but the city too. My crush was there alone, she was sad. We sat with her. She asked why I didn't get her a christmas present (this was during christmas vacation and she gave me a present, I felt guilty that I gave her nothing), then my buddy asked the same question. They got pissed at me , she took my buddy with her and left me all alone. The final dream was me on a city bus going to school, saw some classmates on the bus. The sun exploded in the sky and the world ended. Years later, the sun was a white dwarf, the sky was purple. Everything was in ruins. It exploded again. More years later, the earth is a tiny piece of rock in space left over, only me my buddy and my dad were left. The sun exploded again and I screamed look out. Any ideas/thoughts of the meaning? Can't believe I still remember it after so long.
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@nynapper (82)
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2 Sep 08
LOL man you were 11 at the time it's normal youth imagination at work. It's probably a sign that you really had strong feelings for the girl though and you felt as if she was out of reach and you running out of time to get with her (graduating and moving to different schools) was running in the back of your mind. I had a similar dream when I was a kid, but in this one my dream was that the girl I had a crush suddenly turned lesbian and there was no turning back. I woke up feeling helpless, but I knew exactly what it meant, I really liked this girl but felt she was out of my league and it was manifesting itself in weird messages through my dreams.