Do you smile? What type?

September 1, 2008 10:04pm CST
or smile away things? You pretty well know a smile is worth million dollars and even more depending on situations. A little smile may work wonders, and keep your worries away! Smiles are of different kinds like, half-smile, full-fledged smile with mouth wide open, angry smile, mum smile, smile with half-teeth open, deep smile, light smile etc.etc. And smile can cause you nothing, and why don't you smile? Share what type of smile you express? Loud, light.... Friendships are won and lost cause of different types of smiles!
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• Malaysia
4 Sep 08
hi snakequeen read this somewhere, wanted to share with you "a warm friendly smile, persistence with your message, and a show of sincerity and honesty is a tough combination to beat" by he way .. sneha (your avtar), actually has one of the best smiles thati have ever seen cheers
• India
4 Sep 08
hi sanjana_aslam, happy for being here after few weeks! Your quote is excellent and i like it! In fact, the reason for my not changing the avtar is sneha's smile only! By the by, your arrival reminds me of your wedding reception saree red in colour presented to you by your affectionate father! Cherrs.
• Malaysia
5 Sep 08
yup my red beautiful saree
@MOMMASAM (1004)
• United States
4 Sep 08
you are absolutely correct. 50 different smiles are available to every one ! i have a big generous smile. i enjoy people. i think when you love yourself and you love life, it's hard not to smile ! i love to smile. i love to laugh. i especially love when i have an "open mouth" laugh ! a good hardy laugh.
@bellis716 (4802)
• United States
4 Sep 08
When I was still pretty young, I would not smile with my mouth open because I didn't like my teeth. They protruded a little too much for conventional beauty. Then, I saw a movie actress with the same problem, and I became less ashamed of my teeth. I'm sure that in the course of a week or so, I will have used the entire spectrum of smiles. Probably the smile used most often is the half smile that signifies nothing except that I'm not especially angry.
@excellence7 (3649)
• Mauritius
2 Sep 08
I usually express half-smiles to people whom I rarely meet. Contrarily I express a full smile to close friends. Sometimes, to people whom I don't know and if they are looking at me, I express a half-smile. A smile is really much worthy than billion of dollars dear. We must always share this feeling of oneness among mankind by expressing our smiles. So everyone, keep smiling my friends.