Someone from your loveone is dying....

@dong1970 (1573)
September 2, 2008 12:54am CST
I visited a friend few a hours ago,their father is dying and i've notice that they can't move and shocked.I saw this person running out of breathing and my tears begun to fall.I am not close with this person but seeing someone who is dying is so difficult.I was also shocked and can't move,I embrace my friend and keep on calming her and she begun on about what would you feel if someone from your love id dying?
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• United States
2 Sep 08
I have already been there. Again, like I have said to most people on mylot before, I lost my 20 years-of-age brother two years ago and the pain never goes away. I remember watching my brother die in front of me, and just thinking that life is too damn short and that I would be the only one left. You never get over it, but as I have been told, and I as tell everyone else, you have to learn to incorporate it into your life.
@howard96h (11643)
• New York, New York
2 Sep 08
Hi dong, it is very sad and all you can do is pray and help support your friend, that is what she needs at this time. It is good that she does not have to go through this all alone. You sound like a good friend.
@jammyt (2822)
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
I get affected by these things too even if I'm not close to them. Even if they are parents or relatives of my friends, I get affected because I feel for my friends. It's hard to see someone dying because you would start feeling and praying that you will never be in their shoes feeling the same thing. Hugs to your friend, maybe it would help if they realize that at least their father is not suffering from pain anymore.