Need Help on Blogger!!!...I can get my blog Verified!!!

@Dadexter (438)
September 2, 2008 3:06am CST
Hai Friends I need your help regarding blogger.... I have recently started using blogger, I created a blog and put adsense on it, the blogger requires me to get an adsense account before I being able to get adsense...SO I got an adsense account... Now google adsense is showing revenue on my account,...I further asked for help on google groups on how to get my blog enlisted in google search... i followed the instruction, and signed up for google webmaster central, Now this wanted me to get my blog verified before it could do any thing else... I have tried both ways of gettin my blog verified...I have tried to put the meta tag, but I could not find the exact location in html code... Then I tried to upload a file to my blog, I created a document file with an html extension, with the exact name as asked by google... The google replied we expected a 404 return, but your blog returns 200. I can't understand what's wrong, i tried to find some help on google groups, but there is no real help for me, Also I have already got my blog verified by Google Analytics,....!!!!
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