leaving, after 1 year and 8 months..

@jolope (988)
September 2, 2008 3:58am CST
i've been working as an english tutor for koreans for 1yr and 8mos..and its been great.. disclaimer this would actually seem more like a blog rather than a real post or something to discuss..i just want to share.. why am i leaving.. the truth is, i love my job..i like my students..some of them became my friends, so its like leaving something that really matters to me.. but, i think, the main reason is my boss..i dont think i can stand more of his unpredictable attitude.. he implements whatever he wants right then and there..no notice, no asking around for opinions..he does what he wants..acting all superior and stuff(which he should actually do, but thats not my point).. like all other idealists, i think being a leader, or a boss for that matter, means that he should know and feel what its like to be an ordinary employee..thinking about their welfare and not only profits..a good boss should be sensitive and professional at the same time..considering all facts and evaluating circumstances with a wide vision and great consideration.. unfortunately..he lack everything i've just stated..(maybe thats why i thought of all those characteristics..because thats the exact opposite of my boss..) so,im leaving.. the stay has been great.. im gonna miss my friends here and my students.. definitely.
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