watched x files the movie

September 2, 2008 5:08am CST
Had a bit of some mulder and scully's antics when my boyfriend and i decided to spend our Friday evening at a moviehouse. we watched the X-Files because it was recommended by a friend who is a total X-files fan. she promoted the film to me and said that is awesome so off we watch it. i am not a huge X-files fan but i enjoyed the movie. found the review of my friend also correct but quite disagree that it is so awesome. With a rating 1 over 10, i will give it a 6. it is quite dramatic with many emotional issues that characters in the movies deal with especially Dr. Scully. It is indeed a movie that will make you think! Found some areas about the movie unanswered though after the ending. i guess it signifies that there will be a sequel. Actually you really have to watch the movie at least twice to understand it fully.
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2 Sep 08
This movie would have done alot better oif Fox didnt release it one week after The Dark Knight's release because of course everyone is going to go see TDk over IWTB because the fact that everyone knows Batman and alot of people grew up with batman so they take there kids to see Batman, i was even shocked that alot of the X-Files fans went to see TDK over IWTB, but yes you are half correct, there would be a sequel if this movie did well, I think it did but i dont think the suits up in Fox thought so, if there was to be a third part, it would be released sometime in 2012 due to it would involve the Alien mythology and would be a sequel including plots from the TV Series and would be the end of the X-Files, I still do hope that they will make this last sequel just to end the whole X-FIles thing because it deserves a rightful ending...