Do you feel rejected?

September 2, 2008 5:58am CST
I am a middle child, and I discovered that middle children are less noticed by their parents and are emotionally different than others. Is this true? Well, for me it is. I feel so ignored by my parents that I am the only one among my sisters who wear second hand clothes, if ever I have new clothes, I bought it from my own money. I tried asking from my parents for new clothes, they would promise me, but not once have they made their promise.. I am a stand out student at school, I have given my parents a lot of awards, high grades, but it seems like they still don't notice me. I had a part time job, paid the debt of my dad which took 3 years of my hard work with out any salary, but still he didn't even say thank you. I stopped studying for 2 years just so that my parents will not have hard time paying for our daily expenses especially the studies of my sisters, but still they did not notice. They did not even support me in my chosen course at school. It's as if they weren't planning on sending me to school at all. If I hadn't enrolled myself, I swear, I'd still be working right now. I feel really really depressed whenever I think about this things over and over again. Sometimes I feel like I am not their child, but I know I am their child cause I look so much like my dad.. I sometimes wish that I was not their child so that I could understand all of this.. They treat me with less love than my other sisters... I love it whenever I am at school cause my teachers love me, my classmates love me and I feel so happy at school. In my entire stay at home, I haven't experienced smiling and laughing with my parents and my sisters.. I just think to myself that I am different and I shall prove to them all that they're wrong to treat me like this... Anyway, I just wanted to share this all to you cause, I just want to relieve my stress and depression for today..
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• United States
2 Sep 08
hi knightfeith...i'm a middle child too and i felt after i wasn't a child anymore, that my parents didn't care about me. it's like i didn't exist. i figured they only loved me when i was little. my older sister was horrible and my younger sister they favored. it wasn't until i was out of my teens that they seemed to appreciate me. so hopefully things will get better for you too.
@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
I'm a middle child, too, but never did I feel rejected. My parents never ignored any of us. We were all given equal attention and love of our parents. Good day!