why man cheat us???can a man cheat with an other woman without getting cought?

September 2, 2008 6:33am CST
I think that by they very nature,man constantly fell an impulse to cheat and not all man ignore this impusle. in many cases when a man cheats it was not the woman`s fault,but rather just an inevitability of sorts.
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@allen0187 (42851)
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
hi luyza. welcome to mylot! i hope you enjoy your stay here and i'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and participating in your discussions. as for the topic on hand, i don't think that man by nature want to cheat. men cheat because they are driven to do it. they see reasons why they have to divert their attention to someone else. sam goes for women. cheating isn't exclusive to men. i've been in a relationship wherein an ex-girlfriend cheated on me. not that it was a big loss, it was actually her loss. lol! anyway, i think men and women when they are in a relationship, the last thing on their mind is to cheat on their respective partners. however, during the course of the relationship, one grows tired and bored and sees this as a reason to move to another relationship, one that is more exciting and better than the current one. of course, cheaters will eventually get caught. they may be able to dupe their partners sometimes but in the end their nasty deeds will caught up with them.
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@sejuti (38)
• India
18 Oct 08
:) sounds like an interesting topic..you are discounting the testosterone factor which is higher for men than women..cheating is not nasty..necessarily..As I have grown older, I've noticed that often people who cheat continue to love their original partners, and do not want to part ways with them at all. But often you meet someone you really bond with, and sometimes that develops into a relationship..and on the topic of man versus woman..honestly, I have known more mercenary women who marry for money and leave boy friends for money and do everything on earth for money..what are most arranged marriages ANYWAY? who on earth thinks about inconseqential things such as LOVE...in my experience if you truly love someone..it does not matter what he does..u will always love him
• Malaysia
4 Sep 08
hi luyza not all man are cheat, and not all woman are angel it is the situation or circumstances which them to the situation i read somewhere " Why is it we judge ourselves by our ideals and others by their acts " i am not siding man on this discussion but i have seen some woman who has this traits which they claim to be due to the change in lifestyle and freedom of woman it was pure unlucky for this woman (if she is really not at fault) to have met this type of man but its is just facts of life on your question if a man can cheat without getting cought .. it shows his intelligence and the partners ignorance of the signals sent hope no one is offended by my words cheers