finding a legite job

September 2, 2008 10:00am CST
Hello I am searching for a work at home job. Many that I have researched are not real jobs. Does anyone have advice or leads for this kind of job? I enjoy staying at home but would like extra money in today economy!!!!!!!!!!
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3 Sep 08
Dear rmuncy, Let me tell you my story. In August I resigned a $42,000/year job with great benefits because I realized after 7 years that I am just not an employee. For the previous 22 years I and my late husband owned and managed a string of businesses. I need to be more independent than to be working for someone else. My plan was to follow the advise of several marketing gurus. I was going to merge the information and create my own website, market it and become self-sufficient again. I had purchased a John Paul coaching course in February of this year but did not have time working a 40-hour job to really study it, especially since their coaching webinars were at 2pm on Wednesdays. Sure they were put in the back-office, but not for 4-6 weeks and if there was anything that may have been timely, it was gone before I had a chance to review them. I also had purchased a 30-day course from Daniel Levis and started working on it the day after I was asked to leave before my effective resignation date. In both situations I felt like I was starting from scratch. I had to find my target market, find out what they wanted and then be able to package it the way they wanted. A lot of time and money needed to be spent before I would start seeing anything from the money I had already invested. Call it luck, or Divine Intervention, I had an appointment with my dental hygienist, Meredith, on Monday, August 25. I mentioned to her that I had resigned my position with one of the largest employers in Lexington, and she asked me about my plans. I told her that I was going to build an on-line business and she asked if it was Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM), as she had been an independent representative for 7 months and she had already made back her investment. I asked her about it, she said that the products promoted are items that everyone uses everyday and that the investment was nominal. I went home and checked out her website, researched FHTM on the net and found that not only were they based here in Lexington, they had been in business over 8 years, they were having their National Convention (which had been sold out since May) in Lexington on Wednesday thru Saturday of that week, and that they have a weekly meeting every Tuesday at 7pm, less than 4 miles from my home. I called Meredith and let her know that I would like to attend the Tuesday meeting where I met a group of the most welcoming, friendly people from my own community. I told them that I was not going to join until after I had completed the marketing course study that I had begun with Jeff Paul & Daniel Levis and had taken a weeks vacation at the end of September. I expected to start around the first of October. I did more research and joined the next day. The only thing that was open to those who had not pre-registered for the National Convention was meeting with the vendors in the program. Our vendors provide cell, telephone, internet, long distance and dish network services as well as discounts to nationally known restaurants and retailers. It is everything I was looking for. It's legit, it's right here in my home town! The web-site had already been researched and created for me. All I have to do is let the people around me in on the savings offered by our vendors and if there is anyone who is interested in making few extra dollars, they can join the opportunity. Our founder and president Paul Oberson is a network marketing legend. He made a Million Dollars per month with Excel when it was in business in the 90's. Fortune Hi-Tech Markeing is Debt Free and has been since its beginning, because that is the way Paul Oberson wanted it to be. I see that you are interested in making a little extra money. The opportunity is explained at and if you would like to see the vendors we promote you can visit my site, Best of luck to you!
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• India
3 Sep 08
Depends on your skills. There are many free legit work at home jobs like customer service, transcription, online tuition listed at