Polemic religious discussion.

@Jul14nch0 (1414)
September 2, 2008 2:06pm CST
Witch one of these options sounds more beleivable for you? 1) The idea of a "god" creating everything in 7 days (considerating there are uncountable numerous of animal and vegetal species and stuff on the world that would take ages to list, or maybe an eternity, for a normal person). 2) The scientific Darwin's evolution theory that says that every actually crature proceed from a vegetal organism generated in the water after thousand of millons of years of evolution. The only mystery in this one is how the world, and the universe appeared, the famous "big bang" dilmma.
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• Australia
3 Sep 08
Neither of them. I don't believe in god, but i don't think science has discovered all the answers yet.