Favorite Teacher

September 2, 2008 6:32pm CST
I am not sure what makes a teacher someone's favorite. Is it because he/she is good looking. Or is because he/she is not strict? Or simply because, he/she is the only one who took time to talk you and treat you like a person? I've had a lot of favorite teachers throughout my school time. What I remember why they became my favorite teacher is that because they made an impact to me in different ways. One made impact by being nice to me. The other one, by being helpful. And another one, simply by being good looking. I know my reasons are simple. But there are ones who became my favorite because of hteir character and so many things. So share with us, what makes your favorite teacher your favorite?
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@Boatter (37)
• China
3 Sep 08
My favorite teacher is my father, who never talk much, but his every words make me ponder. He always talk when he should, what he said is always what I needed. That's the reason why I admire me much as a matter of fact.
@shinleaf (16)
• China
3 Sep 08
I think a teacher's personality is the most important factor.
@zer0charly (5615)
• Philippines
3 Sep 08
my favorite teacher way back high school was my teacher in chemistry and Physics. He's so strict but he's intelligent and he's the best teacher in our school. he teach us with all his knowledge, and whenever we do have exams, if we really don't know the answer, he'll still teach us the formula and guide us to get the answer. even though he's strict, we still like him. he's a very disciplined man and all of the students were afraid of him. despite the fact that we're afraid of him, we still like him.