Unwanted pregnancy?

September 2, 2008 7:56pm CST
What do you think about this? Some people think of abortion but its wrong no one should be deprive of life. Why is this usually happens especially in teenager?
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• United States
6 Sep 08
A lot of teenagers i dont think undertsand abortion. Back then i wouldnt cared so much. I guess i would farther along when i knew it was a baby but at first its just a blob to them. Or maybe because they are scared to tell there parents or friends. i dunno...every1 is different
@Yoshi_ (156)
• Australia
3 Sep 08
A few reasons I think are the cause of teenage pregnancy. Here in Aus, the government gives a baby bonus to mew mothers which is about 3 grand I think. It's to help cover costs of baby stuff and whatever. A lot of epople get preggers just for the money. Theyother main reason I think, is just the facts that heaps of teenage girls like sleeping around and don't use protection. Dirty dirty dirty...