Naughty Words

United States
September 2, 2008 9:07pm CST
MY daughter's dad, we are no longer together, reguarly uses a word that is inappropriate to use in front of a 2 year old and you guessed it she started saying it. How od I get her to stop if he refuses to?
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• Singapore
3 Sep 08
i believe you should try explaining to your daughter. tell her how it is inappropriate to use it and explain to her the meaning behind it. as she was just two years old, it is definitely not too late for her to change. all the best.
@hgwyneth (120)
• Philippines
3 Sep 08
A two year-old kid may not yet really understand the difference between good and bad. By your gestures such as shaking your head or making awful face when you hear bad words from her will help. Stay gentle yet strong...!
• United States
4 Sep 08
my daughter went through that for a while calling everyone the b word. i tried not to give her a lot of attention over it because when i did she would just say it more,but i did explain that that word wasn't nice and its a bad word. you may just have to explain to her in a way she understands tell her it makes you sad to hear her say it or something in that nature.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
3 Sep 08
The only thing I can think of that you can do is just to discipline her when she does it and let her know that it is not ok that she says those words. tell her that daddy shouldn't be saying them or that they are grown up words. at 2 it is hard for them to understand it so you might just have to ride it out till she is more able to understand that it isn't good to say them.