air conditioner running from exhaust of automobile??

September 3, 2008 12:25am CST
i gave a paper presentation for the renewable energy club of my college in which i have used a series of platinum,platinum rhodium alloy junctions and then keeping the junction half submerged in the exhaust line and the other end colder so that a potential difference is established and if we use a number of such junctions in series then we can get close to 2-3 volts only,the problem is that we need 12 volt of potential difference for charginging the battery and hence to run the a.c.,but i am not able to step it up because of it being a d.c. voltage.the temp difference difference might prove fruitful but i am not too sure. what views do u have about it,i am sure u can help me out
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• India
7 Sep 08
that will be great! if you could do something like that. that will cool down some energy crises very few have technical knowledge about the things you speak,
• India
11 Sep 08
thanks for ur response,are u from nagpur??