Google Chrome Browser

United States
September 3, 2008 2:52am CST
I just hear that google is going to change the way we use the internet in the new. Google just came out with a internet browser named Google Chrome. So i looked online for it and i found it and i install it into my pc. There is no MAC or LInux version yet. This is a BETA Version too. The browser look kool because it doesnt have all the bottoms on the top like file, edit, view ... all those buttom that are not necessary. It include taps, a search bar, forward and back button, favorite button, and two other options buttons. All this is include in one column with reduce the space that is being use. The color of the browser is blue just like window xp. When you are typing in the search bar it will give you some search that would help you reduce your typing. This is very helpful =]. It also load page much fast then firefox and super faster then internet explorer. The google chrome Browser kill internet explorer and it may also kill firefox soon.
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