Do kittens poo???

September 3, 2008 4:04am CST
I had a kitten once, every time she squels i knew that she was hungry. After had some food, she squels again, so after a few times of feeding she just pops back on lying on my sofa. After some times she wakes up runs around and went back to lie down again on sofa, makes me wonder will they ever poo?
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• Portugal
3 Sep 08
Hm.. supposedly they will! :P If he's a very young kitten, you should rub his belly gently, to stimulate his guts. If not, remember always to have a litter box available. They can get really stressed out if they don't have where to "dig".
• Singapore
3 Sep 08
Hmmmm...... Cute, maybe she's just looking for something to dig to poo. 10s for the intresting info.......
• United States
26 Sep 08
Take her to her litter box about 10 minutes after she eats. Put her in the box. She may just not know where the box is and not realize it. Otherwise, if she is very young, she may be having troubles. Take a wet washcloth and gently wash her belly and down to her bottom after she eats. This is like the mother cat licking them and stimulates them to go to the bathroom. If she still does not go to the bathroom and hasn't went for a few days, I would take her to the vet to get her looked at.
@JLMack (68)
• United States
16 Sep 08
Most of my kittens go to the potty with in tem minutes after eating. My older cats go outside so I am not sure,but they did it as kittens so I would say they do it as Adults too.