How long do you wait befor marking a best response?

@pehpot (4762)
September 3, 2008 8:15am CST
Is it really necessary to mark a best response in your discussion? If so, how many hours or days did you wait before marking any?
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@jofeli (504)
• Indonesia
3 Sep 08
I don't usually count on how many days or hours for marking the best response. All I do is looking at how many responses I got. If I think I got enough responses, I will mark the best response. But if it's still not many, I will wait a little bit longer. I think it's not that necessary to mark a best response. Usually I will select discussion that contributes something meaningful to our life, like discussion asking for some advice, or something like that we really in need to discuss, for sharing ideas and knowledge. Thanks...
@Anne18 (11034)
3 Sep 08
Well for me it depends on what time of day I write it here, and what the discussion is. If it is an important discussion a few days if there are lots of good responses coming through. If a really good catchy response comes through then I mark it as soon as possible. I don't know what works for other people on here
@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
5 Sep 08
Oh so you do mark best response.. oh well I should also start doing that. sometimes I can't decide which response is BR specially when a lot responded to my discussion
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
So new here at mylot (my post say this is just my second) I have no idea about marking best response here. I have not yet started any discussion of my own. But in reality when you ask for response, you only judge what is best when you think you have heard enough response in your queries.
@brisk123 (2826)
• India
3 Sep 08
I don't exactly count the days/hours but if I am getting enough responses with good number of replies then I do mark best response as soon as I can,but yes I always keep it for at least a day or two before I mark them as best response.Sometimes it happens that you will mark your best response then somebody again replies to your post,and this person's response is too good but one cannot do anything about it,this is the reason why I tend to wait for 1/2 days if more responses are coming in one day then I prefer to wait for more days.