Human genetic engineering

@Antzon (159)
September 3, 2008 9:09am CST
Whats your view on human genetic engineering. It now still proves to be a topic that still have a long way to go and researched on, however do you support it? I personally support the research on human genetic engineering because it might be the key to solve and cure alot of now "Incurable" diseases like Alzheimer and Diabetes. It may also help grow organs and limbs for those who are handicapped and thus help them regain their life back. Whats your view?
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@bamakelly (5193)
• United States
3 Sep 08
I don't hear too much of that genetic engineering however you do bring up a topic that could assume some responses. It does seem quite interesting to me. If something like this theory could lead to curing or solving some incurable diseases then that would be really great. The fact that some handicapped people could be helped would be another extra benefit. Thanks for your posting today. It leaves a lot to think about.
@Antzon (159)
• Singapore
4 Sep 08
Thanks i just think that many people have a negative view about this topic because maybe they do not really understand how it could help us in various ways. Some culture think that changing the genetic code in the DNA can affect the nature of life and bring unbalance to it. However if we have this technology to change the course of nature and make it better, then why not? Thx for the response.