Have you ever been been called a boyfriend/girlfriend snatcher?

September 3, 2008 1:16pm CST
Have you ever been called a boyfriend or girlfriend snatcher? Well recently I found out that one of my colleagues/classmates keep telling people behind my back that I'm snatching her bf and that he should keep him away from me... I went to school today like every other day and I was talking to my best friend when she told me that my classmate/colleague was telling her friends to have their boyfriends under lock and key and away from me... I mean what kind of girl does she think I am... I just came out of a bad relationship and am in no mood to go into one again especially one that is as complicated as that.. Besides her bf is another classmate of mine that I went to band practice with a few times and see around the university but so far that was it... How bout you have you ever been in the same situation? If you did, How did you cope with it? If not, What would you do if ever you were in my shoes? I just want your opinion on the matter...
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• Canada
3 Sep 08
No, I have never be accused of snatching but I do know that there are some very insecure people out there. My experience has been that people who are insecure about their relationships believe that others are going to take their significant other away. My best advice is to stay true to yourself, you know what is right and just refuse to engage in someone else's insecurity. If you didn't do it, you didn't do it. You have much more important things to do with your time than feed into this classmate's malicious gossip. It is easier said than done but anyone worthwhile will take your side and know better. Stay strong.
• Philippines
3 Sep 08
thanks granite butterfly, your words were very kind and helpful too.. I was starting to feel bad but I have no idea why I would since as I did nothing wrong my friends tell me to just ignore her and that she probably thinks i'm a threat just because her bf and i were close for a couple of days... Thank you so much...