Tattoos... Addicted...

@kassdaw (593)
United States
September 3, 2008 5:09pm CST
I have an addiction to tattoos, I can't wait to get more and I love the pain. I currently have a few but my favorite is my stars. These I got in memory of my ex who was killed in a car cash. She was hit by a drunk driver. She loved stars, everything she owned had at least one star on it. My boyfriend has a few tattoos as well. The sad thing is that, I tend to be attracted to others with tattoos. My addiction is just as bad as smoking cigarettes and drinking caffiene. Which I am also addicted to. So, does anyone else have a tattoo to remember someone in their life? Or just an unhealthy addiction to them?
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@SuzyLong (775)
9 Dec 08
I'm addicted to tattoos as well, I have 5 now but there are so many more that I have designed and want to get done. My fella has more tattoos than me but I am catching up, he designs his own tattoos as well. We even have a special tattoo guy called Terry that we go to for our tattoos, we won't go to anyone else. All my tattoos mean something special to me, my first tattoo is a heart and rose with my parent's initals either side my name because I am the only child they had together, my brother and sister are from their first marrages. Then I have my nan's name in a little scroll coming off of it, I had it gone when she become ill as we knew we were going to lose her. My second tattoo is a pentagram for protection and then my sister's name above it and my brother's name below it. My forth tattoo is a line of roses as it my favourite flower as well as my middle name, my mum's middle name and my nan's middle name. I'm going to get "Ciss" in a scroll with roses round it for my name as that was her nickname.
• United States
4 Sep 08
I too am addicted to tattoos. I have 4 now and I am getting my 5th next friday. None of mine are in memory of anyone but they all have a meaning to them. Especially my most recent one which is my daughters foot print on my back. I also for some reason love the pain. I get so excited to have that pain over and over. it is just such a rush.
@toddsarm (766)
• Canada
3 Sep 08
im addicted to tattoos to I have 2 tattoos and whnt to get more and I to love the pain my one tattoo is a tattoo of my cat I stell have.
• United States
3 Sep 08
im so sorry about you ex.i have some tattoo's to rember people. i have some cherry blossoms around r.i.p grandma in chinese. i have a tattoo with my daughters names. and then i have some that i just wanted. like stars and cherries. so i guess for me its both. addicted and to help remember someone