what do you do on the internet for extra money

@jhl930 (3605)
United States
September 3, 2008 9:25pm CST
i am not trying to be nosy by any means because i know that we all do things on the internet to make a little extra money, but i am needing a little extra cash or would just like to make some while i am on the internet and i am a member of several paid to post forums like mmk,mylot,goldage...etc a lot of those and buzzback research(survey site)and thats about it, but i was just wondering if you knew something else that was legit that was a good way to make some extra money since i am on the internet anyways...i tried paid to clicks and they don't usually work for me...thanks for taking the time out of your day to read and review my discussion and i hope that you will answer, i hope that you had a great day today and i hope that your night is going to be a great night as well, once again thanks for taking the time!
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• United States
5 Sep 08
I have listed my work programs and instructions in my blog if you would like to see it in my profile. It wont cost you anything to start. I am researching some more things to do also, so check back with me later.
• United Kingdom
4 Sep 08
I love writing and posting responses on my lot and this got me thinking! Well, if I love to write then why don't I find out about being published online and being paid for this? So, this is what I am just starting out with. I wrote a review on a gaming website which I use on a regular basis and surprisingly, my review was published! I was paid $0.40 for this! Also, if any readers like my review, and they vote that they like it, then I also get paid for this, I think it's $0.10 per vote. So, I would recommend this for you. It seems to me that you like to write, and by doing so on a regular basis no doubt you will become better. You can write reviews, you can challenge yourself and do a bit of creative writing. I am currently working on a bit of creative writing right now, it's pretty slow going as, let's just say that I'm still relatively inexperienced! The site that published my review was reviewstream. Check them out, they are free to join. Goodluck with becoming a published author!! Andrew
@aimseeker (113)
• Pakistan
4 Sep 08
well i use mylot and try to find some more better programs.... u can see one of the program knows as SFI(six figure income) in my blog.... www.decentway.blogspot.com
@tammytwo (4303)
• United States
4 Sep 08
Of course I post on mylot. But I also use Ebay, take surveys, sell stock photography and several other things. I am willing to try anything that doesn't take much time and that does not cost me a fee (and that is legal, of course).
• India
4 Sep 08
I take this opportunity to to write to your discussion thinking that I will gain some new things from you. I am also really in search of some regular type of work at internet from where I can earn money and to keep busy at home after my retirement. Post to paid sites stated by you are actually legt please tell me more about so that I can also surf these sites. By all these sites how much can be earned a day I would do it. Please let me know more. Hoping that you will reply.
@r40402 (14)
• United States
4 Sep 08
Best bet would be EBAY or Review Stream I use ebay and make money while im not online and even when im asleep. Clean out your attic,garage, or basement. Hope this helps you out!