Finding your way around Mylot (tips & tricks)???

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United States
November 5, 2006 3:19pm CST
As a newbie, I think it would be nice to get advice from people with more experience. I know that we all learn something new every day, right?I have questions like, is there a way to go back and delete your own post or a reply to someone elses post? What about your photos, is there a way to delete them? What other good tips can you provide to help a fellow/fellowette mylotter get around this lot? I know that there's another discussion on how to make money on mylot, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking more about navigation I guess and tips & tricks.
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@carolbee (16231)
• United States
20 Sep 07
You're not alone. I am new also and have muddled my way around for a few days. Really not sure how it all works. I agree, would be nice to get advice from others who are experienced. Good luck!
• United States
20 Sep 07
Hi there. Welcome to Mylot. It's been awhile since I started this discussion, so I have learned a few things. Mylot has been around for roughly a year give or take, so there are many discussions already started. For me it's more beneficial to join in on discussions rather than create one, as we're not supposed to start discussions that have already been created by someone else. There are certain topics that aren't allowed like recipes, so you want to make sure you know about those so your posts won't be deleted. If something you wrote or replied to gets deleted, they deduct what was earned from that post. I haven't figured out how much you get for what. At the end of every individual discussion and reply there are marks ( + - !) The + is good, the - is not good, and the ! is to report an instance of abuse or breaking the TOS. It's nice to give the discussion starter a +. If you start a discussion you want to give everyone that replies a + unless it warrants a - or you feel the need to report them. Creative writing is good around here. We should write 3 lines or more. If you create a discussion always reply to those who join in, but no one liners. You would be taking a chance of deletions in the discussion which brings the earnings back down. My last bit of experience that I'm learning about. Join in on good quality discussions. Avoid discussions that you think will/could be deleted. I stay away from discussions that pertain to favorite color, tooth paste, etc. Discussions that have been created that only have one or two lines could easily be deleted because they're not quality discussions. I hope this helps you some as it makes Mylotting a bit easier, so you can focus on learning what's not discussed here. Good luck to you!
@mvsrao (4366)
• India
28 Mar 07
This topic was posted 5 months ago . I am not sure if it requires responses now ... Anyway , with the major upgrade done few months ago , now the main menu is at the left side of the site and it is easy to navigate now . At present , we cannot delete our posts for any reason . ofcourse , we can comment back to any other's post . But all our posts may not count for the earnings . And now , we can delete the photos uploaded for profile .
• United States
31 Mar 07
Thanks for the tip! I gave you a plus for your input. I wish others would share their findings too as it would make it easier to navigate around myLot and it might even get some folks more involved in conversations. Thanks again.