a classic question with a not so classic answer.

September 4, 2008 8:08am CST
imagine your plane crash, and there is a doctor, a criminal and a lawyer that are all in the water. they could not swim at all. who the one person you would save if you were there too? for me, i would choose to save the one nearest to me. at a situation of life and death, there is no reason of choosing to save one just because he is a better person. everyone is equal in the eye of death. how about you who would you choose to save? come share your views.
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• Denmark
4 Sep 08
i would save the doctor so he could save the rest;D well if i only could save one i would save the one who payed the most:P j/k:D i think i would go with the same as you, the closest,
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@sunshine4 (8706)
• United States
4 Sep 08
I like your answer that you would save the one nearest to you. Before I read your answer, I thought I would save a doctor because then he could help everyone that needed medical attention.