The first Japanese movie that glued me to watch

September 4, 2008 8:19am CST
Yesterday while surfing through TV channels, a black & white movie caught my immediate attention for two reasons. The first, the Japanese anguage (I know little more than the survival Japanese) in its raw form.The second, true-cinematic-poetry-rich frames with unbelievably realistic sound effects for a b/w movie. What I guess is that I watched last 20mins of the movie. As it was a Japanese channel, I could not get any clue on the movie name etc. Fortunately the Kanjis (Japanese pitctographical characters) they used on the END card of movie are so simple to remember,, I immediately googled on that Movie title. Great things happen in life,when they are least expected. Pals, my knowledge is very limited in this area , most of you might be knowing about this movie already.I tried to share one of my greatest filmy experiences with you as it happened. I'm yet to see the full movie, this weekend I'll watch the original DVD version. It is 'Seven Samurai' for non-japanese.Was voted the 12th Greatest Film of all time by Entertainment Weekly, being the only film in the magazine's top 20 greatest films not in English. Please see this movie... you will witness the true beauty, excellence and magic that the art form known as film is capable of (quoted as written by a reviewer) .
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• Philippines
6 Sep 08
ohh...yeah, and its been ages. hmmm....try Shinobi: Heart Under Blade too. then i definitely suggest Koizora and Nobody Knows. The later won in Cannes Festival.. i think having the first japanese actor as the youngest best actors in foreign film. its really good. then if you can get your hands with it, kitsune-hime: dance to the moon. Its a very old movie too and for me one of the nicest and best films in black in white era. hehehe! just bare with the keigo, a nosebleed but you'll survive. hehehe