are checks almost obsolete?

United States
September 4, 2008 8:46pm CST
I went to the grocery today and a man paid with a check. It took so long for him to write it out (no one had a pen to start with) then run it through. It made me wonder if checks will be obsolete soon. I look at my checkbook and I write maybe 4 checks a month as most is auto withdrawal or done with debit cards and transfers. Could you live without writing checks or do you still prefer them?
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@jewel127 (72)
• United States
5 Sep 08
I do a lot of errands for my mother, grocery shopping included. She always gives me her checkbook to take the the supermarket. She HAS a debit card, credit card, and enough cash to make the purchase, she just prefers to use a check. I'm not sure why. I notice that the people in line behind me tend to get a little restless and impatient when I pull out the checkbook. For this reason, I often fill out most of the check (minus the check amount) before I even step foot in line. I don't see a lot of other people using checks anymore, I seem to be one of the few. This is the age of new technology, and it seems that I'm in the "stone age" for still using checks when I could easily scan a credit card for a speedier transaction. Hey, I guess the credit card users are saving trees.
• United States
6 Sep 08
At least you get the check started so you only have to fill in the amount. I didn't think about saving trees, that is true!
• Philippines
1 Jun 10
I don't think so that check will be obsolete because check is also useful for the businessman, they pay their client through check while they have an allowance to pay that check to the bank.
• United States
8 Sep 09
I think when people go shopping, they probably use a debit or credit card since it's more convenient but maybe paying the bills, traffic tickets, and salaries are still deal with by checks. I don't have a credit card and when I have to buy something online, I would use my mother's and pay her back with a check. The bank charged me 26 dollars for the check books so might as well use them.
@sweetdesign (5151)
• United States
22 Apr 09
Some people still swear by the check. I know someone who never ever uses thier debit card for anything. I rarely ever write a check anymore. I write maybe 7 a YEAR! I use my debit card and paypal card for everything under the sun. I have my paychecks direct deposited. Any money I make off sells of my crafts goes in my paypal acct. and I use my paypal card. I have been in line behind a check writer and it is slow.
@jesssp (2739)
• Canada
12 Nov 08
I hate checks. It always bugs me when people pay for things where I work and have me fill out the check for them - I have awful writing. I write about three a month transferring money from bank to bank and that's it. I think they're definitely becoming obsolete. With online banking, debit and credit cards they're just not necessary for many applications.