boy have a question for ya! WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE YOUR WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT ?

United States
September 4, 2008 11:23pm CST
a good friend of mine i wont mention his name read something on line that i wrote about 9 months ago now it changed our friendship he says i went behind his back to invite another gentleman to see me when in actually it was a online Friend that i was interested in meeting him because we talk alot on online and on the phone, he says i was looking for this gentlemen to come here and if he came i would just leave him high and dry because he feels i am leading this person on and making him fall in love with me. i am good but not that good this online friend is just that a friend because as of today i have never met this guy in real time and even if i did get to meet him that doesn't mean it will be a instant lovefest i am not so shallow that i will just pick up and leave he now calls me a liar all the time and that i cant be trusted we argue about this all the time. hes not a internet person but he been checking out everything i write online now and then he wants to break down that i am trolling for men. i am not a bad looking woman and i don't have to troll for men i feel he just jealous that someone else can pay attention to me now with all that being said heres the question WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE YOUR WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT ? (oh if your reading this hello boo)
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