sweeny todd

United States
September 5, 2008 1:06am CST
i just bought this movie on pay per view. is it any good? iam a fan of musicals....so what can you tell me about this movie?
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• United States
29 Sep 08
I'm not an expert on musicals since I only watch a few myself. But I would say as a movie, it's brilliant enough. And yes, the ending was unexpected at the beginning but somewhat predictable by the last few scenes because events after events leading to that. There was another shocker regarding the ending also (or maybe I didn't pay attention carefully enough to realize it, lol). I'm surprised how dark it was though, but the setting and backdrop actualy suits the whole theme. (And I haven't read the book yet so can't compare.)
• Singapore
5 Sep 08
i guess you watch the remake version by tim burton. his film always make used of the colors to show his idea. did you realize that throughout the movie, the background and most of the characters were in a state of black and white contrast? overall, the movie is great and johnny depp can really sing. what i like best was a little kid that first appear at the competition between the two barbers. he play a huge role towards the end of the whole movie. the best song in the movie is MY FRIEND. sung by johnny depp with his razors.