Do you believe that education is a means to address criminality?

@alena824 (376)
September 5, 2008 3:07am CST
I was browsing through a forum where the topic was education in Africa. The poster expressed the belief that criminality can be addressed if the population is educated. I wholeheartedly agree. An informed mind is better able to make decisions and weigh the consequences of any action he or she may take. And an educated mind will channel his knowledge and energies to something more constructive than committing a crime for which he will be punished if caught. However, it is unfortunate that in many parts of the world, education does not seem to be a right, especially for young children. Poverty is often the root of this because governments are not able to provide a free but quality educational system that will allow the younger population to go to school. Children must be well informed, aside from harnessing their skills and talents. And the more they are given the opportunity to learn, the less they are likely to do wrong.
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@Ganesh44 (5547)
• India
5 Sep 08
I just think exactly the reverse. Do you know the guys who attacked on world trade center were highly educated. I do not think that education can addresses criminality . I believe that criminals are not made they are born . Education I think is more to do with theory part of life on the other hand criminalism is something to do with practicality . But when I was young I used to think that education can address crimnality but I dont think that now. Thanks Ganesh
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@Pitgull (1522)
• United States
5 Sep 08
I agree with you. I believe education is the answer to many of the worlds problems. Sadly, this in itself is a catch-22. When people are informed they make decisions based more on fact, than personal opinion. They have a realistic idea of what "reality" actually is, and have a better chance of acting in accordance with reality. When people are not educated and demonstrate these negative traits, I cannot believe it is solely because that is their desire. Maybe they just never learned better. Or maybe we never learned to understand the complexity of the world we have created around us... But I agree... :)
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