does being nice and friendly turn you into a fool

September 5, 2008 4:44am CST
everyone does have to deal with people on everyday basis,but when working with people how to you behave or act.People can take advantage of anyone who is nice and friendly, and to certain extent even think of them as fool because they might luck that intimating expression (like always smiling).What do you think,should people be too nice and friendly?
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@joy4you (641)
• India
5 Sep 08
It is good to be nice and friendly as long as you don't let people take advantage of you. sometimes you have to be not-so-nice to such people, you only hurt your self and feel miserable when it happens while the person who has done it is least bothered.
• Malaysia
5 Sep 08
i agree with you, its a matter of letting people take advantage,so it is right to nice and friendly but as long as they dont take advantage of you.
• India
5 Sep 08
Yes, being nice and friendly can make a fool of you if only you don’t know how to take advantage of it. Like most people, I have also been fooled by trying to be nice and friendly to strangers or even friends…after all we are brought up to help others and be kind to people. However, there is this colleague of mine who has perfected this art and also learned how to take advantage of it. She never denies anything to anybody (apart from the extreme maybe)…she is forever smiling, forever helping, forever doing things for people and therefore maintaining a long list of ‘friends’ with whom she is forever interacting. For example, one day she is carrying a big bag of clothes belonging to somebody….she is carrying it to the laundry because she happens to be going that side and so she can drop the bag. Then again she has bought some special groceries for somebody just because she happened to be visiting the supermarket. In turn, whenever these people are going on holidays, she is accompanying them with her family for a huge huge discount, or if its her son’s school project she is getting it done by some artist ‘friend’ for free so that her son gets extra marks and so on. I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
5 Sep 08
I know this situation. My friends used to take advantage from me. That was why I don't believe in friendship anymore. I don't believe in anything include there with being nice and friendly. Being nice and friendly is not what I do for everybody, I only being nice and friendly with 2 kinds of people. 1st, people who's nice and friendly to me and I know they are truthful, and 2nd, to the people whom I need something from them...
@Serath (86)
• South Africa
5 Sep 08
I guess, I am one of those people who lets others walk over me due to allways being friendly and helpfull etc... Even though I have a problem with my wrists, I still attempt to hold the swing door open for people when I go out for a smoke. They recently tightened the spring, so now I have to hold it with both hands. Maybe it's an obsession...?