Attractive? or Not?

September 5, 2008 8:34am CST
are you attractive? or famous? maybe there's different from you?! Some people say's! "Being attractive is popular!" -so they make them-selves pecular ^^ lol for me they are concious to their self being simple is attractive,being truth to your self is more attractive. for you?what is important among thoose two?attractive or not?
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@titagdl (136)
• Mexico
5 Sep 08
Yes I do believe i am vey attractive,,,,famous? probably not, but i agree it is important to look your best and that makes you feel great! There´s a saying here in my country..." There are no ugly women,,,,just poor ones". I think it´s completely true,,,,with the right tools,time and ouf course your own will to want to look good,,,,any woman can look beautiful. And I don´t even mean plastic surgery or anything. But nowadays there are so many skin treatments that you can look very young. Fixing your hair and your face the right way, helps you look younger and better. So yes,I do think women everywhere shoiuld just put some effort in looking good.