Remember your teachers?

@poona_m (336)
September 5, 2008 9:11am CST
On the occassion of teacher's day do you remember your teachers? Are you in touch with your teachers after you finished your formal education? Which teacher do you remember the most and why? I would be lying if I say that I am in touch with my teachers. Life has become so hectic that its not easy keeping in touch with the ones that you want to keep in touch with. But I never fail to remember all of the teachers that have been responsible for who I am today on this day. I remember some of my teachers more than others simply because they had that special something in them that made them a better teacher than the others. Every teacher has something special and different from the other teachers. While some are very caring the others may be very thorough with their subject, while some are very strict the others would be very free and frank. I remember different teachers for different reasons. On this day I also remember the teachers whom I was not very good with and I apologize about it in my mind and Hope I can meet them someday and ask for apology. What do you do on this day?
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• China
5 Sep 08
On this day. I always send message to my teachers and express my wishes for them. Beacause we don't live in the same area now and hard to meet each other.
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• Australia
5 Sep 08
hi i do remember a few of my teachers and i do occasionally run into them, so i greet them and have a small chat. but i feel uneasy a bit as they did actually teach you and disciplined you so you can't exactly treat them as best friends!
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