Do you keep a Chestbox of Memories?

September 5, 2008 10:45am CST
Have you seen or do you own one of these large, beautifully crafted wooden chests in magazines or movies where they are usually placed by the footside of the bed? My grandfather used to have one and so did my great grandmother. When i was small, i have always wanted to have one, and also wanted to keep my grandpa's and my grandma's chest after they died. I love memoirs, old stuffs, anything antique. I now have a chestbox of my own - but it's actually a modern box made of plastic so that insects won't infest and eat the wood. It's filled with old photographs, my baby photos and ribbons from kindergarten days to high school. SMall gifts and notes from friends way back grade school to high school, year books, my parent's love letters and wedding's so wonderful. Sweet, good memories rush back to mind whenever i open my box and go through stuffs. Do you have one? What's inside? How often do you open your box?
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