Headlines about you?

@razor123 (979)
September 5, 2008 12:42pm CST
The major newspaper headlines for tomorrow will be about you. What would you want them to say?
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@Sam334 (125)
• Singapore
5 Sep 08
HAHA! This is headlines man! You aren't gonna get even a half-page thingy for that... Well there are alot of things... to choose!!! When I was a kid I'd want to become famous for being special, exceptionally good at something, like gaming and IT related stuffs! I even dreamt of becoming the richest yet youngest kid around! Then there was this dream about saving the world by risking my life with several other buddies and our group was then interviewed after being successful! Keh. Just dreams huh... Well life is nothing without dreams, (Do join the group "Dreamers"!!!). Back to the topic, I'd want something good to benefit from this... how does winning the top prize in lottery sounds? I've started to try my luck at lotteries and the like ever-since I've celebrated my last birthday to reach legal age... Well even though I'm no longer a kid, I still wish to be in the headlines for saving someone!!! It's been my dream, been helping everyone who needed help.
@Anne18 (11034)
5 Sep 08
that I am a very caring mother and am wonderful to my children. Love my husband very much and am the best wife in the whole wide world. And keep the best house, ie cleaning etc.