Toxic Shock Syndrome and Tampons?

@poona_m (336)
September 5, 2008 12:53pm CST
DO you know about Toxic shock syndrome? Has anyone of you or your near ones experienced it? How risky is using Tampons with respect to Toxic shock syndrome? I have never used a tampon yet and while going through some information before deciding on whether or not to start using it I came across the Toxic Shock Syndrome(TSS) issue. Now I am really not sure if it would be a good idea to try using a tampon. Those who are using tampons on a regular basis please reply and let me know what precautions you take to avoid the risk or reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome?
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@Anne18 (11034)
6 Sep 08
I have heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome, they were talking about it when I was a child. I have never used tampons but know many people who do, I don't know anyone who has had TSS
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• Canada
5 Sep 08
I have been using tampons for nearly 8 years now. I have only had a problem once with TSS and it wasn't even that big of a deal for me. I had forgotten to take out my tampon at night one day and slept all night with it in. Then in the morning, forgetting I had one in there already, put in another tampon. I didnt' feel all that well that day and thought i might be getting sick. Then I went to the washroom to change my tampon. I took it out and tried to put in a new one and it wouldn't go in. When I looked down to see why, I noticed another string hanging out of me. I pulled that one out too and just used a pad for the rest of the day. I still use tampons though. The things that you should do to make sure you are safe and away from TSS is: Change your tampon every 3-4 hours and NEVER sleep with it in. If you remember to do that, then you will be fine. There's nothing wrong with using tampons.
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