What is WAR against tarriesem?

September 5, 2008 1:05pm CST
what is your opinion on wat against tarries em, do you think it is right?
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@kiwibee (240)
• New Zealand
6 Sep 08
Terrorism could be defined as being attempts to terrify people in order to gain the upper hand. It annoys me a bit when I hear people use the word "terror" when they mean "terrorism". Terror is the feeling of being terrified. Terrorism is when that feeling is induced for evil ends. It's just laziness I know, but I wish they'd get it right. Like when people say "The proof is in the pudding" when they mean "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Or when they say (speaking of Bush!) "Nucular" instead of "Nuclear". hahaha... War on terrorism is inevitable as long as terrorism continues, because the powers that be are trying to protect the innocent bystanders. I'm just pleased that I know from Bible prophecy that it won't continue indefinitely. Many people are familiar with Jesus' saying "The meek will inherit the earth". Well if you can be bothered, look at the last couple of verses of Proverbs chapter 2, to see how that will come about :-) (Proverbs is just after Psalms.)
@kosstr12 (245)
• United States
6 Sep 08
Terrorism is spelled T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M. As for your question, the war on terror is just another cover-up for bushes mistakes in the middle-east. The "WMD"'s don't exist, and the terrorism problem isn't what they play it up to be. Luke