What Is The Worst Dream You've Ever Had?

United States
September 5, 2008 4:04pm CST
We all dream, and occasionally some are bad. Some are so bad, you remember them forever. I can remember some dreams that I had when I was really little. Ones that even though I only had them once, something about them stuck out to me. I tend to dream a lot but I think the worst dream I've ever had was one in which my boyfriend died. In the dream, he had just left my house, and it was pretty late at night. Well apparently he got into a wreck on the way home and died. No one notified me untill his body was already at the hospital. Well, of course I go. In my dream I remember sitting with his body, and just weeping. I couldn't stop crying. In the dream I was there for a very long time, and extremely protective of him. I wouldn't allow anyone in nor would I leave, because I was afraid if I did, they would take him away. Sometimes a doctor or nurse would come in to try to get me to eat, or sleep, or just rest and I would react violently to them being there. Even my family members would try to get to me leave and I wouldn't. It was like I was holding out hope he'd still take a breath. I felt that if they took him away, he'd be taken to the funeral home and no longer be my boyfriend but an empty shell of who he was. I remember the only person I wanted to be there was his mother, like she was the only person who would know what I was going through. I woke up crying, actually my crying is what woke me up. So share your stories.
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• Philippines
6 Sep 08
I had many bad dreams when I was on childhood, my dream is having chase by a monster- when I'm going to run I was very slow and this monster always catches me, then sometimes I dream of a giant head of Jesus christ chasing me around the city. Sometimes I dream that my computer is broke and I have no internet anymore. Sometimes dreams can be changed as we grow up.
@belk89 (1103)
• Philippines
5 Sep 08
The worst dream i ever had would be dreaming about my hubby with another women. It really freaks me out! in my dream i saw him with another women and i was chasing him on the stairways. Trying to call his name and was trying as hard as i can to catch him. It is a very depressing dream and i was not able to sleep for several days thinking about it. Then i eventually move on and try to forget about the bad dreams when i started sharing it with my hubby and all he did is laugh.He cant believe that i was bothered over a dream. I guess dreams are not for real so theres no point of wasting time thinking about the meaning of the dream