United States
November 5, 2006 5:18pm CST
How does everyone respond to their in-laws!? For an example.... When they get to running off at the mouth... and being stupid about things.... do you bite your tongue, or do you say your piece?! I've just about had it w/ my in-laws.... They are constantly downgrading My husband and I... They have always downed my husband.. it's always been about his two sisters... but now that he's married w/ kids, and just bought a house.. it's like he's a piece of dirt on the ground... I hate the way that they treat him.... I want soooo bad to say something to them.. but I can't bring myself to say anything, afraid of the outcome.... Uhmm What would you do?
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@mansha (6301)
• India
5 Nov 06
You see my mumin law is same. I don't live with her though due to his job but when i visit herI am not allowed out of the house , I can not sit near window even if there is no electricity. Purdah though not muslim still is observed in his family.He also changes completely. His mother keeps pointing mistakes in my work whole day-food is not looking good or too much spices or less spices- I take too much time in bathing etc etc but see I had promised myself one thing I will never reply back to her whatever happens. I keep smiling as her language is different from mine she speaks local lingo Maithili I try and feign ignorance and innocence. Sometimes when I am too angry I tell her I love her prepration for this or that meal please cook that she readily agrees and actually feels she has achieved some victory over me, hence I get some respite for few hours. Try pampering infact over pampering them and fool them to get your own way. A smile can do sweet talk can do wonders. I also Loudly praise her before her relatives and friends even when i m seething inside,and I certainly pass a good evening then