My PC fails to boot...

September 6, 2008 4:26am CST
I hear a beep while booting my PC .. help me what should i do...
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@prajnith (942)
• India
14 Sep 08
if you get beeps with less than 1 seconds interval, then there is problem with ram, and one more you get beeps with 2 seconds interval its problem with your graphics card..
@IsisGreen (554)
11 Sep 08
How many beeps is it? Are these long or short beeps? What make is the computer and are you running Windows XP or Vista?
@mirage108 (3403)
• United States
8 Sep 08
what is the beep code? you can look up computer beep codes on the net and find out exactly what is going on. Can you see anything on the monitor? if so can you get to the cmos setup screen. could be a problem with your motherboard, video card or memory also if you have been messing around with the processor and it isnt seated correctly it will cause a beep code.
@kiranv06 (26)
• India
7 Sep 08
If it is a long beep in frequent intervals, its probably ur RAM. This problem might occur due to RAM failure or a more possible reason, moisture or dust preventing Electrical Contacts. If ur Motherboard have more than one RAM slot, try changin it after cleaning ur ram contacts. Also remove dust from the slot by simply blowing in it. This might end the problem.If it is a RAM problem, then there willbe no display.
• Philippines
6 Sep 08
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• Trinidad And Tobago
6 Sep 08
hey there, recently my pc broke down and it would not start so i carried it to the guy who usually services my computer he told me that som programs that load temporarily re name your booting files and prohibits the computer from starting. if you have your system files backed up on a cd use the cd to restore your system.
@Sam334 (125)
• Singapore
6 Sep 08
You should approach the professionals in this area. I don't think amateurs wil lbe able to give you a hand in cases like this. You can try searching on the net for solutions, or you can approach the company that provided the computer directly. If not, do you have a warranty card? Is the computer new? I would suggest you get a new one instead, cuz' old computers are no longer worth the repair costs. If you insist to stick around, I can offer you afew suggestions. 1. Ram. Check if your ram works on another computer (make sure that it is compatible.) 2. Graphics card. Check if it works on another computer, or try replacing it with one that work, and lets see if it helps. 3. HDD. I actually think this is the least possible. Even without a harddisk, you should be able to startup to the part where it loads/boots up your OS. 4. The best bet around here is Motherboard. I suggest you approach a professional or anyone in the know about further examine. Do not try anything yourself if you are not COMPLETELY sure of what you are doing. What you do may hurt and worsen the situation even deeper, hence causing your computer to "Die". As technology are one of the most important issue currently, there are several... no, way TOO MANY sites that advices you on your computer hardware and software issues. Most of them DO have solutions, and are useful, even though they may offer the same thing most of the time.
@Antzon (159)
• Singapore
6 Sep 08
You cannot see anything? maybe your motherboard have failed and some components of it have been fried. I have a similar case last time where i have a long beep and then nothing. I took out the case and look at my motherboard some components (i do not know whats the correct name) have enlarged twice in size then i suspect a burn out. My computer was 8 years old anyways then i replaced it.